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Thanks for your input! Here you can find a high level roadmap, based on your suggestions.

August 2023
  • Ability to add product ideas now available in the ‘More’ menu.
  • Product idea portal integration.
  • Security updates.
  • Improvements to the way that dates are stored on reports.
  • Improved performance of job queuing and processing.
February 2023
  • Public API token rotation and activate/deactivation.
  • You can resend the invitation link in case users did not yet accept their invite.
  • Search in the project list when assigning users to projects.
November 2022
  • You can now set up standard observations to avoid typing the same observation over and over again. Search and select from the standard list when adding observations in the reports.
  • Our server capacity has doubled recently to support our growing user base.
  • You can now mass-delete project photos online, and no longer have to delete them one by one.
  • It is now possible to remove a contact from all projects in one single click.
  • Limit the checklists and categories to be used for any given project on the mobile app.
October 2022
  • Limit the checklists and categories to be used for any given project. Online for now, soon also on the mobile app.
  • New option to take perfect square photos from the app, to have more balanced reports.
  • New account setting to choose metric (C°) or imperial (F°) weather conditions on the status field on the app.
July 2022
  • Define which are the weekend days in the GANTT planning, e.g. Saturday/Sunday, or Sunday/Monday.
June 2022
  • When copying over observations from a 3rd party account into your own account, you now have the option to only copy the new observations.
  • Select all contacts when sending a report or TODO list from the mobile
  • Hand pick your own colors for assignees in the GANTT planning
  • Define non-working days now on account level, project level, or even individual contact level, in the GANTT planning
May 2022
  • Add a lag or a lead between 2 tasks in the GANTT planning. This allows for example to indicate that task 2 should start with a delay of X days after task 1 has finished.
  • Create, edit and manage reports, observations and TODO lists on projects from another account via the new version of our app.
  • Search on 'observation description' in all observations.
  • In the GANTT planning, choose the start date for rendering tasks, to only show tasks that finish on or after a specific date.
  • GANTT planning finetuning: group your planning and tasks per assignee, or per phase.
April 2022
  • Search on contact email address in all observations. Before you could only search by name, which was confusing if you have contacts with the same name.
March 2022
  • Our GANTT planning now shows each of the tasks assigned to a person in a different color per person. Easy to see who does what, isn't it?
  • Copy any observations from another account (which you are assigned to) into your account, so you can work on them internally with your own team. This facilitates collaboration between different stakeholders in the construction business (architects, engineers, contractors, subcontractors and owners).
  • Invite existing users from another account to your own account, to collaborate in the same project (only online for now).
February 2022
  • Use observations tags on directly on your Android device.
  • Add tags online to multiple documents at once. A much asked feature.
  • Ajera import finetuning.
  • ArchX Cloud integration, next to ArchX Classic.
  • Mobile navigation button simplification: less confusion about back, save, and save and exit.
December 2021
  • Use the tags also on the app (iOS, Android soon)
  • See the DONE or TODO badge badge-primarys on the app in the reports and to do lists.
October 2021
  • Auto assignment patterns can now work cross-project
  • Sharepoint integration improvements: link a project to a site, folder or drive
September 2021
  • Connect with Deltek Vantagepoint.
  • Share your GANTT planning now also via a dynamic read-only link with anyone. Third parties will be able to see your latest version of the planning at any given time.
  • Search on "report status" in all observations.
  • Improvements to the UI for "documents to receive".
  • "Draw an Arrow" now also available for Android users.
August 2021
  • Extra filters in the "documents to receive" page on project level.
  • Connect with Deltek Ajera.
June 2021
  • Set delay date for document request reminders on project level.
  • UI improvements to the 3rd party "docs to upload" page (where they need to upload their documents for approval).
  • New email option for reports: only send the NOT OK items when sending out a PDF report.
May 2021
  • New layout setting: show a summary table of all observations at the bottom of the report, with their observation number, status and tags.
April 2021
  • External contacts who need to upload documents can now filter on document status and view the overall progress of the documents they need to upload.
March 2021
  • Auto-link contacts to all existing and new projects. Once again less mouse clicks!
  • "Mass edit" is now available for the to do list on project level. An easy way to update a (huge) batch of observations at once in only a few clicks.
  • Define the location of email attachment links (below or above in the email body).
February 2021
  • Manage non-working days in a project planning.
  • Assign a responsible for the project planning tasks.
  • Faster "show all your projects on map" loading.
January 2021
  • Mass-delete for observations available for TO DO list (within one project).
  • Use planning templates if you want to reuse the same template over and over again.
  • GANTT Planning now takes weekends into account.
  • New layout option to customise category font color and background color in PDFs.
November - December 2020
  • Gantt planning available in BETA. An easy way to set up task dependencies, and send out a gantt planning in PDF to all people involved. check video
  • Android app updates (which where available already on iOS).
October 2020
  • Online: direct links to the number of items per assignee in the contact lists.
September 2020
  • Auto-assign the right person to the right observation, depending on the category name of the observation. See projects, and then "auto-assign".
  • New settings on app: photo size (small photos will result in faster sync) and "reuse section and category" (so you don't have to select them each time). First iOS, later Android also.
  • Continued roll out our renewed iOS and Android design.
August 2020
  • Show all your projects on a map right here.
  • "All observations" filter improvements.
  • Overall speed and server improvements.
  • Continued roll out our renewed iOS and Android design.
July 2020
  • Sharepoint (Office 365) integration: import / export your data from and to Sharepoint.
  • Start of the roll out our renewed iOS and Android design over the next months.
June 2020
  • Specify (optionally) how much sites visits are needed for a project, so you can follow up how much visits remain to do over time.
  • UI Improvements to the "projects and visits on maps"
  • UI Improvements to the "documents to receive" dashboard
May 2020
  • A new photo album browser for photos per observation or project.
  • Overall finetuning, speed improvements and UI improvements in report editing and documents to receive.
April 2020
  • 'Drag and drop' upload for photo's in the edit report page. Enjoy :-)
  • Send a "filtered report" to your contacts, including only their assigned items.
  • A lot of users are asking us how to email all their contacts (with COVID related safety instructions) from within our software. We added this functionality in the "contacts" menu.
  • Send emails to (all of) your contacts from the online account: an easy way to communicate efficiently.
February 2020

- Global speed improvements to the system, including faster "all observations" filters.
- Import only active projects from Teamleader or not (a new setting).
- Download all your "documents to receive" in a ZIP file at once.
- Filter on "checklist" in the all observations table.

January 2020

- Internal collaboration: collaborate internally (with colleagues) like you would collaborate with externals (subcontractors). Assign, ask for feedback, send observations for approval, and approve or reject.
- Upload your profile photo.
- Summary boards (dashboards), providing a birds eye view on your data (to be extended in the future)

December 2019

- It is now possible to subscribe with PayPal (next to Credit Card)

November 2019

- Integration with Bricsys 24/7
- Improvements to our "activity" dashboard.
- New column in the contacts table that you can use for example to indicate who is invited for the next site visit.
- Global BCC address is now an admin-only setting

October 2019

- Integration with BQE Core.
- Reminders for sites to visits and visualise your projects on a map.
- Manage "tags" or "badge badge-primarys" for your observations (only online for now, later also on the app).
- Also "tags" or "badge badge-primarys" for your PDF plans to view on site (only online for now, later also on the app).
- Integration with Synergy: cloud business and project management software for architects and engineers.

September 2019

- Order your docs (PDF plans) online.
- Improve export to ArchX when different versions of the same report.
- Limit "all observations" according to users access to projects.
- Mass-delete or mass-archive projects online - be careful though :-)

August 2019

- Direct auto-scroll to the new observation when adding an observation online.
- Order your "documents to receive".
- Choose which "documents to receive" appear in the reports and which not.
- Shorter sharable links (for observations, documents, location pointers, ...).
- Copy observations from the to-do list in your reports.
- Auto-save free text blocks when editing online.
- Schedule a weekly summary email to your contacts with NOT OK items.

June 2019

- 2 new photo settings for in the PDF layout: "crop" or "squeeze" images. This will result in nicer reports (more aligned).
- Accents like é and ô in PDF footer are now working.
- New user setting "get notified on email bounces", which will notify you if an email could not be delivered.
- Various UI tweaks, speed improvements, PDF report finetuning.

May 2019

- A new XLS export, summarizing how many times a checklist item appears in your checklist based inspection reports.

April 2019

- Page break and white space improvements in the PDF reports.

March 2019

- Extra PDF layout setting: change font size of the "general conditions" in the report.
- Extra PDF layout setting: show full size photos at the end of the report.
- Extra PDF layout setting: choose font size of category.
- Extra PDF layout setting: show status as badge badge-primarys.
- Extra PDF layout setting: show number before remark.
- Extra PDF layout setting: show the observation number as a badge badge-primary (instead of text).
- A new setting in the app: "only clone NOT OK items" (see left menu).
- A redesign of the observations in the app: show more information in the overview pages.
- Add project pictures (from the "internal pictures" library) directly into your reports online.

February 2019

- Automatically timestamp your photos (via a new setting in the account settings).
- Show thumbs for observations in overview screens in app.
- Better filters in app for observations.

January 2019

- Search options in the audit logs.
- Various app UI improvements and finetuning.

December 2018

- Send your (synced) reports directly from within the app. This needs internet connection. Only iOS for now, Android will follow soon.
- Old (synced) reports are now still editable in the app, in case you want to do your site visit spread over multiple days. Opening an old report needs internet connection, but editing it not. Only iOS for now, Android will follow soon.
- Audit logs: which user did delete, update, or create what and when. No more finger pointing in the office :-) Check "More..." in the black menu bar.
- Speed up the sync by not synching all checklists each time (only the changed ones)

November 2018

- Generate filtered PDF reports from "all observations"
- Master admin users can now assign master admin rights to other users

October 2018

- Show the original creation date of descriptions in cloned reports (via new layout setting).
- Filter and search observations in reports and TO DO lists on mobile (iOS and Android).

September 2018

- drag and drop photo upload and inline edit in the all observations
- fast inline edit, delete and create of TODO's online
- send one single TODO from within the app to any contact.
- get an email notification when an online report merge or clone is done.
- choose a date display setting for the date / time in your PDF report.

August 2018

- choose your header color in the PDF reports.
- iOS and Android: status filters in the TO DO list for the observations.
- iOS and Android: search on section when looking for the right section.
- iOS and Android: search for the right PDF when downloading a PDF.
- French and Dutch translations for the Android app.
- Better filenames for photos when exported to FTP, Google Drive and Dropbox.
- Rotate photos online.
- Add rectangles ▢, circles ◯ and arrows ↘ online in the photo editor.

July 2018

- Add an image (logo, signature, ...) at the bottom of your PDF, in your layout settings.
- Change your observations "inline" in the "all observations" lists and TO DO lists.
- Advanced filtering, sorting, grouping and display options in the "all observations" lists

June 2018

- Download ALL photos for 1 project in a ZIP file
- Online search and sort PDF documents per project
- Better layout for "all observations" and "shared observations"
- Layout option to show or hide (in reports) contacts who are assigned to an observation
- Layout option to show or hide (in reports) contacts who are present
- Layout option to show new descriptions in bold or not
- Restore deleted observations or to-do's (online)
- Search on (to-do list) observations made by yourself
- Faster way to take multiple photos on iOS
- Filter in the to-do list, on iOS
- Upload photos on project level online

May 2018

- Teamleader integration.

April 2018

- Download all your contacts to Excel.
- Admin user can now add other admin users.
- Users can change their email address and name.

March 2018

- Customize your 'OK', 'NOT OK' or 'blank' symbols and colors in the PDF layouts.

December 2017 - February 2018

- A new Android app, check version 5 beta in the play store!
- Sign a report on the mobile or tablet, and save a signed version of your PDF reports. Great for getting that signature right away!
- French and Dutch translations for the iOS and Android app
- Integration with Build Software.
- A better online text editor with spell check re-enabled.
- Filter on checklist name in the list of reports.

November 2017

- A new layout option to highlight new descriptions in cloned reports.
- The admin user can now choose to let each user change the checklists and categories or not.
- Use multiple locations for the same remark in iOS (Android coming soon as well).
- Filter on due date in the observations table.
- Improved screenshots and visualisation of the pointers in the PDF.
- Clickable pointers in the PDF files (if you locate your remarks on PDf).
- More UI friendly way to make texts **bold** and *italic* for observations notes.

October 2017

- The admin user can now auto-assign new projects to all users, or only to the project creator. See account settings (only for the admin).
- The admin user can now choose to let each user change the layout or not.

September 2017

- Clone any report on the mobile or tablet (not only the last).
- New font size and compact table setting in our standard templates.
- New page break setting in our standard layouts: keep your photos and text on the same page in your PDF reports.
- Add and edit multiple locations pointers to your observations (only online for now, soon also on the app). This is useful when an observation appears on multiple locations on a PDF plan!
- Merge and combine reports online in to 1 report. This allows to make several smaller reports (even with multiple people) and combine them into one report.

August 2017

- new iOS release with stability improvements

July 2017

- Draw on your pictures online.

June 2017

- Gather feedback on your observations from externals (example, from subcontractors). Approve or reject if items are solved or not.

March - May 2017

- Send out filtered PDF reports (for free observations). From within a project, you can send out a filtered list of observations or todo's in the form of a PDF (example, for subcontractors). - Work with checklists online: make new reports, and open/close existing checklist based reports (in order to reuse the checklist) in the "edit report" screen.
- A rebuild of the Android app (from scratch), to be released soon in the Play store
- Online speed improvements
- Integration with Archisoft, Bouwsoft, Chapoo, Astena and Plenion so you can easily import your projects and contacts.
- Sync to Dropbox, FTP and Google Drive is now every 10 minutes instead of every 4 hours.

February 2017

- If you localise your observations on a PDF plan, you will now see an image of the location in your reports

January 2017

- A more easy way to reorder your items and categories in your reports

December 2016

- Reorder contacts per project, to define their order in the reports

November 2016

- Move reports to other projects
- Improvements to Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP sync

October 2016

- Restore reports and projects deleted by accident
- Some speed improvements in the online app

September 2016

- Auto-export CSV to FTP on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
- Import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo or Microsoft
- New Android and iOS versions with UI improvements.
- Manage your own document statuses for documents to receive.
- Mass-assign documents to receive to all contacts in your project.

August 2016

- Warning when email could not be delivered
- Import contacts from Excel
- On the mobile: start a field report / punch list directly from a plan.

March - June 2016

- Export your data to Google Drive (next to Dropbox and FTP).
- Work with "free observations" (= observations without a report).
- Share your observations online.
- Label your observations with "sections" (this could be rooms, or buildings, ...).

February 2016

- Use standard checklists for your reports.
- Attach your PDFs docs to your emails and reports.
- Locate your observations on PDF plans.
- Print PDF plans with pointers from your observations table.

December 2015

- Draw on PDF (plans) and take screenshot (to use in your reports). Use our latest app version 4 from the App store or Play store.

November 2015

- Clone reports online.
- Drag and drop pictures between observations (online).

October 2015

- New version of iOS App and Android App.
- New report with cross project overview of observations.
- You can share this report with externals!
- New API extensions

July 2015

- API Access (for Pro or Enterprise accounts)
- Added remark date to excel export
- Different small bug fixes

June 2015

- Add comments below pictures in reports (only online for now)
- Filter CSV export by date of report
- Add user name as variable to reports (e.g. in footer)
- Automatically send all reports in BCC to your mail account
- Different small bug fixes

April 2015

- A new report template (one-column table). Just in case...
- Add email signature (image) to your emails. Good for your branding.
- Insert multiple images at once when editing reports online. Good for your health :-)

February 2015

- If you have more users in your account, link them to projects to give or block access.
- Speed improvements during sync.

October 2014

- Choose your paper size (A4 or US Letter)
- Make the “responsible” column smaller in your layouts
- Customize how a “responsible” is shown in your reports
- Add a variety of layout options
- Attach extra files to emails
- Export reports to CSV
- Customize PDF filenames
- Create a secret link with a report overview visible only to certain people