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Our Story

Back in 2012, life was pretty good. We were a cozy Belgium-based company with employees in Belgium and Spain. As one close-knit family, we ran an online and mobile software business doing what we loved most: nerding out on software! And we built loads of them — for small, medium, and large companies around the world.

Lucky for us, life got even better. We got in touch with an architecture studio looking for some kind of field report application. Struggling to find time for weekly field reports and punch lists, they wanted a simple iPad app to automate a bunch of tedious tasks, such as typing out notes, inserting photos, and formatting report layouts on Word.

Being the software nerds that we were, we eagerly jumped at the challenge. Confident in our abilities, they were happy to hash out $50,000 to get them what they desperately needed. 

But instead of taking the deal, we suggested something better: Why not just pay $89/month to use the app? Yes! They were thrilled at the offer.

And six months later, ArchiSnapper was born. This was the exact solution that the architecture studio needed. This was our beloved brainchild. And the studio loved it so much that they put us in touch with other architecture studios and contractors. Huge win-win for everyone.

Fast forward to today. Now, ArchiSnapper is used by more than 10,000 architects, contractors, and engineers worldwide. They save on hours and hours of work each week. Field reports, punch lists, and more — all of them can be made in a snap, with ArchiSnapper.

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